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Add a link to Fetchfido Games and you'll be playing a major part in making Fetchfido No.1 for free online games. Ok we all know it's No.1 already but some people need help getting here, we have to spread the word right :)

The site is presently not in the Top 10 on Google for free online games, the aim is to kick our competitors fat ass off the No.1 spot :) To do this we need lots of links to the games page so anyone in a position to tag a piece of web space with a link please do. School/college/uni .edu or .gov webspace is extra valuable so if you have any please drop a link in there or if you can sneak it on the schools/uni site while no ones looking even better.

What's in it for you? It costs hundreds of dollars to license games, higher position on Google... more traffic... more games simple now let's kick butt.

ny kind of link would be just fantastic but No.1 choice and the most value to the site would be a text link using 'Fetchfido's Free Online Games' or just 'Free Online Games' and linking this to the games menu page. If these are toooo long for your page, no worries a link using 'Fetchfido's Games' will be great also.

Alternatively you can use the 88x31 button and link that to the games menu page or choose a games rotator and add one of those to your site, choices choices choices!

'Many Thanks !!!' Or in French 'Merci Bucketfulls !!!'

Just highlight copy and paste it into your web page code.

Fetchfido's Free Online Games

Free Online Games

Fetchfido Games

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Free Online Games

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Give your visitors instant access to a great selection of the latest games on the fetchfido site. Your rotator will be instantly updated as new games are added to the rotator, there will be no need to update your code.

Choose a game rotator from one of the selection of colors below. Highlight and copy the code below and place it between the body tags of your web page where you want the game rotator to appear.

If you wish to center it on the page like it appears on this page place your code between <div align="center"> and </div> tags.





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Once again 'Many Thanks !!!' Or in French 'Merci Bucketfulls !!!'

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